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The truck dispatching services provided by our company are tailored individually to each independent truck driver or owner-operator who possesses own authority (MC#). Among the dispatched equipments are: dry vans, reefers, flatbeds and also all those with Hazmat as well. We are committed to source the best truckloads for every customer anywhere in all 48 states of USA.

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Don’t hesitate to send us your qoute request. We are eager to send you a truck dispatching offer right away with no obligations on your side. Each offer is aimed to fit your requirements.

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Low Service Rates

Say no more to exorbitant fees and save money with UP Data Services. Our truck dispatching service rates are a low percentage off of every booked load. You can also select to pay weekly a flat rate.

Hussle-Free Truck Dispatch

Save time and money when searching and negotiating loads with brokers/shippers. UP Data Services will book loads for you while you are on the road. We will take on us all Carrier packs and set up proccesees with all major players on the market.

Customized Service

In order to find you the right freight that will fit your business requirements, we create a personalized portfolio of your company. The portfolio, then, is used to get you in touch with direct customers and third-party logistics companies.


UP Data Services specializes in freight dispatching for the trucking industry. Our modern technology and knowledge of the transportation industry will give you a competitive advantage over your competition.

UP Data Services focuses on freight dispatching in the trucking industry. Supplied with modern technology and expertise of the industry will are enabled to give you a competitive advantage.

At UP Data Services, each customer is able to get a personalized approach. Being your reliable business partner, we are set to plan loads and dispatch trucks to leverage your time and optimize your revenue potential. We are also empowered to negotiate top-notch rates with shippers and/or brokers on your behalf. Additionally, your personal dispatcher will find the appropriate loads for you guided by your established criteria, will keep you loaded and rolling.


Frequently asked questions

How do you acquire loads and with whom are you business partnering?

We are honored to state that we are working only with reputable load brokers. UP Data Services partnered with 11 reliable load boards to sustain high levels of trust from our customers. Our database includes multiple truck freight brokers offering freights to our truck pool. They are able to offer freights to our Owner Operators pool with confidence as they know that this will save them time and money, as well as stay risk-free when it comes to hiring only reputable truckers.

What are the requirements for me to start working with you?

Five things are required:
– A valid W-9;
– Your MC authority certificate;
– A copy of your insurance as evidence (100 000 in Cargo and 1 000 000 in liability);
– A filled out and signed service agreement to set us rolling our business with you; – Factoring Letter of assigment
– A filled out and signed dispatching authorization form that will give us the authority to accept loads for you, fill out the broker’s set up packets, sign load confirmations and get in touch with your insurance company when getting the freight loads. Your advantage is that you don’t have to do any additional paperwork;
– Last but not least, a filled out and signed credit/debit card authorization form in order for us to charge for the rendered services.

Who is providing the invoice and how fast the payment is made?

UP Data Services take care to get the invoice from load brokers if you have our Full Service Package (7% of the load). You can follow the payment status straight from your bank account, via email or through com check express code. As freight brokers or freight shippers pay you directly, payment times may vary depending on the broker or shipper. We can also take care of your factoring billing on demand.

Who creates the invoice for the load and how fast do I get paid?

If you chose our Full Service Package,  UP Data Services takes care of invoicing the brokers and follow your payment status until you receive it straight on your bank account, check on the mail or through a com check express code. All freight brokers or freight shippers will pay you directly, how fast you get paid depends on them. We will also take care of your factoring billing, in case needed.

Available for all the US

Our truck dispatching services are available in all 48 states of the USA.

Top-notch services and commitment

We are eager to provide the best truck dispatching services on the market.

Over 300 signed up brokers

Having already more then 300 borkers in our portofolio will alow us to set you up with mostly of them in minutes and be ready to haul loads for them as well.

Complete solutions for everyone

Whatever your needs may be, we are able to provide you with great offerings anytime.

24/7 Reliable Customer Service

Still concerned about something related to our services? Don't hesitate to contact us.


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